An original and unique business evening

Professionalism and personalization for your business event 


The success of anything is the attention that you give it. makes an extra effort to really understand company's needs so that we can elaborate a project that best suits your business evening event! 

For a tailor-made evening, trust our teams local network for an amazing time. Be it a smallintimate dinner or big professional evening, for an authentic or contemporary discovery, we will whisk you away to the most beautiful places in the French, Italian or Swiss Alps. 

From wine tasting games to gourmet dinners or engaging sportive evenings, we offer a large range of possibilities to create your tailor-made memory making moment! 

Soirée d'entreprise originale dans les Alpes
Soirée d'entreprise en station dans les Alpes Mont Blanc
Soirée d'entreprise authentique et unique dans les Alpes

Fun activities to bond together await you here in the Alps Mont Blanc is an expert in creating bonds between colleagues with fun activities in Savoy and Haute-Savoy, France. We can guide you to make the most appropriate choices for your business evening event 

Sportive activities in the great outdoors, cooking lessons from the best, gourmet meals, and even wine tasting games. Unwind and have some fun while making memories. Get lost in the moment, a night in the perfect location with great food while sharing special moments together and all of this in the elegant and authentic Alps Mont Blanc. 


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