Gourmet food and wine activities to discover our alpine territory

From tasting to baking, become a Savoyard culinary expert 


For a day, an evening, half day or just a couple of hours the three countries of the Alps, France, Switzerland and Italy are culinary wonderlands. Understand local culture better through tasting the finest traditional dishes and vintages of the area.  

Loose yourself in the fragrances of our alpine culture with local cheeses, unusual fruit and flowers, and rare vintages. What better a way than to meet local farmers and wine makers. They are always happy to pass on their passion and savoir-faire.  

For a unique activity in Savoy, Haute-SavoySwitzerland or Italy, trust our team and our experience. We know our region well and its artisans even better. That'why 1786.travel can help you discover the territory as you have never see it: authentic, natural and unique. 



An authentic journey in the Alps 


The Alps Mont Blanc region is full of culinary discoveries: fondue, raclette, more cheeses than there are days in a yearcold cuts, tartiflettecroziflettepolenta, winessparking wines, pastries and other amazing desserts … While on a hike, a helicopter tour, a dinner in an igloo, or a cruise on one of France's four largest lakes notably Lake Annecy or Lake Genevawe can organize initiation of local cuisine with interesting experts. 

From company meetings to family get-togethers or parties with friendsallow us 1786.travel to take the burden of organizing off your hands. On the shores of stunning lakes to the most beautiful mountaintops in the world, we can fulfill your dreams. Discover more of our tours in the Wine & Food” section. Like building blocks choose from our many excursions to build your gourmet journey of several days! 

Visits galore, age old churches, farms, pastures, lakes, mountains and off-the-beaten-path spots, our activities and excursions will help you discover the richness of the Alps. We adapt to your needs to better assure you live stories you'd love to tell...