Tourism, company event, and transportation



5 years ago, we launched our incoming travel agency. Today, our team develops four complementary brands of services: trips, activities, event organization, and transportation. All of them are part of the agency's primary mission: to promote Our Alps in an authentic and unique way, where the words experience, local, and wow really mean something.


Looking for a tailor-made stay in the Alps? Our team will take you from the ski resorts and lakes of Savoie to the rolling green hills and wineries of Switzerland, through Haute-Savoie and its majestic summits to Isère and its mystic Chartreuse mountains and even into Northern Italy where gastronomy will be the highlight of your trip ! We know our mountains by heart and our valleys inside and out, we will design a trip that suits your every need and desire. Choose the security of a local agency licensed by Atout France and specialized in its territory!

Your vacation is already planned but you would like some cool and unique activities to make it even more unforgettable? Our digital online booking platform offers you a large collection of authentic and truly local experiences. Live the stories you would love to tell. Your next excursion is just a click away!

How to get around in the Alps, call on our private drivers! Our fully equipped vehicles (especially for transporting ski equipment) are the most comfortable solution for your trips between train stations and airports to your destination. For companies and individuals, our service adapts to all your needs.

If you are looking for an event organization agency to plan your next corporate event, wedding or party in the Alps, you are at the right place! Our team is dedicated to B2B events and will study your request and accompany you in all the organizational steps.