Business seminars and meetings in the heart of the Mont Blanc region

Expertise and high sense of details 


Invigorate your task force to work more efficiently that is our promise. We can design business tailor-made seminars and meetings designed just for your company: proposes you a large range of activities and exceptional places to make memories.   

With all of the exceptional possibilities the Alps Mont Blanc region has to offeryour future business meeting will be a success. Warm, cozy atmospheres in breathtaking spots combined with outdoor and indoor activities that bring people together, excellent memories are guaranteed 


Trust is essential  


If we propose so many activities it's because every company is different and each and every one of them deserve the best. Because you are not "at work", will make the time with your partners the most enjoyable possible.  We are committed to responding to your expectations with 100% tailor-made seminars. 

Come and discover the local alpine culture while wine tasting, rafting, baking or just during a gourmet meal in a Michelin starred restaurant. Our region offers endless possibilities.  

Though what is most important for our team…  building a close and trusting long term connection with your company and its staff. 


Program possibilities  

Regional meeting in Chamonix Mont Blanc, Haute Savoie 

Day 1 

10h00 Arrival and welcoming coffee 

10h30 Meeting  

12h30 Lunch at the hotel 

13h30 Meeting 

17h30 End of work session 

18h30 Departure from the hotel in a private bus for an evening in Italy ... 

19h30 Dinner in a traditional Italian restaurant, with view of the Italian side of Mont Blanc – 

Midnight Back to the hotel 


Day 2 

07h00 Breakfast 

08h00 Meeting with a pause 

12h00 Lunch 

13h30 Meeting with a pause  

16h30 End of seminar 

“Best resellers” meeting in ChamberySavoy 

Day 1 

10h30 Arrival and welcoming coffee  

13h00 Lunch/cocktails at the hotel 

14h00 Meeting with pause 

17h30 End of work session 

18h30 Departure from the hotel in private bus for an exclusive evening 

19h15 Begin a short walk to the evening venue: Cheese fondue, in a 17th century mystic building isolated in the heart of a dense forest, topped off with a locally grown liqueur. 

22h30 Begin the short walk down to the bus with head lamps and laughs.  

Midnight Back to the hotel 


Day 2 

07h00 Breakfast 

08h00 Meeting with a pause 

12h00 Lunch at the hotel 

14h00 End of seminar after lunch 

Would you like a business seminar program ? Something totally unique ? 

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