Business seminar's and team-building activities

Emotions for a more motivated team 


Team-building seminars and incentive activities are the best way to build ties between colleagues. Better the ties better the results in the office. Our enthusiastic team designs events to fit every need. 

We can work together to build original team-building activities to make your experience very personal. Your tailor-made seminar in the Alps will be memorable for everyoneOur backyard is full of magnificent places ready to welcome you for a unique incentive trip. Between the different lakesmountains, and vineyards the Alps Mont Blanc area is a perfect backdrop for original moments full of memories.  

Already have a project in mind? Or nothing at all? Contact us so we can discuss the different possibilities for your upcoming event. Together, let’s make an original team-building experience for your company. Team work is key.  

Food and Wine team building activities 


Cooking classes, wine tastings, meeting local artisans: as many personalized activities that will bring cohesion to your team and your taste buds.  

Cooking brings people together, despite our differences, great gastronomy is a universal pleasure. That’s why more and more companies choose to organize gastronomic team-building moments to federate their associates. 

You capitalize on the wealth of this rich territory full of traditions to build an original and rewarding both professionally and personally seminar.

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Séminaire dégustation de vin dans les Alpes Mont Blanc
Atelier cuisine pour activité team-building insolite

Wine tasting  

Any wine enthusiasts among your work partners ? Try to determine which surprising Savoyard vintages you have tasted demands a lot of team work ;)  

Enjoy the opportunity of tasting wine while gazing on the Mont Blanc during a business seminar ! 

What do you get when mixing Casino fun and good wine ?  

One of the most atypical business seminars you can find! Original and fun learning how to appreciate wine, beer, coffees, chocolates, cheese, and liquors… 

Are you a winner ? Place your bets, wake up your taste buds and your knowledge anbe bold ! 

A kitchen is where the heart is  

You are looking for an idea for an original cooking activity for your team-building seminar? We have exactly what you need! 

Defy your colleagues during a cooking class and a delightful meal. Nothing better to stimulate your team work and create a dynamic and efficient work atmosphere. 

Cultural activities

Séminaire team-buidling enquête au Château

Who dunnitCastle investigation   

Want to live a life size board team building game activity Do you really know who you work with?  

During an interactive show, you will be immersed in a 18th century castleback in the time of the "Wolves burners", very famous in our region. 

Despite a great hunt, it would seem that there is still a beast rooming the gardens and forests because of the important number of disappearing women and children. The beast has been seen lurking around the cottages and slaughtering in large numbers. 

One question remains: is this beast alone? Or is it answering to a higher entity? 

Come and carry out the investigation in an exceptional background. Go back in time and meet the different characters to resolve the mystery. As a team, you must trust each other to get to the bottom of the story. An interactive and galavanting show!  

Original activities 


We have selected the most beautiful places of the Alps Mont Blanc for your business seminar. This region has no secrets for us and we love to show the many treasures it holds.   

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Rallye Vieille Ville pour séminaire d'entreprise
concours photo dans le cadre d'un Séminaire Insolite et activité team-building originale
Séminaire entreprise insolite en Savoie Mont Blanc

Old town rally 

An original and friendly team-building activity for your next business seminar in Annecy or Chamonix! During a pedestrian rally, discover the history and many stories of these historic cities while having fun along the way.  

Building an Igloo needs team work 

When you were a kid didn't you ever try to build your very own igloo ? An original team-building activity in the mountains ! 

Team work is essentialunite your strengths to succeedA glass of mulled wine in your cozy igloo is your prize !  

Photo contest 

An original activity during your mountain business seminar ? Look around and enjoy the scenery... 

Surrounded by amazing landscapes, immortalize these panoramas with a professional photographer specialized of the Alps Mont Blanc. Finish your seminar with a photo contest between colleagues and elect the most beautiful picture Creative and artistic memory making moments for your associates! 

Dog Sledging  

Take in the spectacular mountain scenery of the Alps Mont Blanc and experience sledging like you were in Grand Nord! An initiation in driving Dog sleighs for your business seminar in Savoy and Haute SavoyYou will be totally immersed in the moment and mesmerized by nature.  

Initiation in avalanche research and mountain rescue 

Sportive and wellness activities 


No better place but our playground, the Alps Mont Blanc, for outdoor Team-building activities. We have a large number of sportive activities which take place in the great outdoors to help make lasting bonds for any team.  

Our event agency also organizes sportive business seminars. On the ground, on the water and even in the air, we'll find the perfect team-building activity that fits your goal in reinforcing team spirit. 


Randonnée en raquettes pour un séminaire d'entreprise à la montagne
Biathlon activité sportive team-building

Orientation activity 

An orientation activity calls on your body and your mind to succeedThis sportive team-building activity will wake up the adventurer spirit in you. But be careful and follow the right path... 

Snowshoe trekking 

Trekking with ease round dreamy landscapes surrounded by impressive mountains while listening to the authentic stories of our guides. This activity is ideal for a get back to nature business seminar. No worries our guides adapt to the participants level.  


You will learn shooting technics with a 1990 World Biathlon vice-champion ! In a competitive but entertaining atmosphere you will learn the basics of biathlon shooting. You'll finish off this activity with cold drinks or mulled wine 

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