Agence 1786

Travel Agency in the Alps



Agence 1786 is the story of two passionate locals who joined forces with a common obsession, create tailor-made vacations, holidays, activities to help travelers discover this extraordinary territory.

Our passion is to create unforgettable memories and to organize trips, events, and excursions that will have you keep coming back to the Alps for many years to come.

Year 1786

1786 is a special year for anyone who loves the mountains, mountain climbing, and the Alps. 

On August 8, 1786, two young Savoyards made the first successful expedition to the top of Mont Blanc and made it back to talk about it! They succeeded where many experienced mountaineers had failed.

How you might ask? By choosing a new route. A route that no one had used before, a route that no one had thought of because no one knew the mountains as well as they.

Jacques Balmat and Michel Paccard marked history of their ascent. These two young explorers went off the beaten track and relied on their expertise of the destination.




Séjours hors des sentiers battus en Savoie Mont Blanc

Our values

Just like Jacques Balmat and Michel Paccard, we at Agence 1786 pride ourselves on staying off-the-beaten track that others have taken. We strive to find the hidden treasures of the region. 

Common denominator of our team, the passion for our mountains, our lakes and our vineyards, and the determination to always organize activities and vacations that we can be proud of, and that our own families would enjoy.

For years, we have been selecting professionals, and experts that have the same passion. We have created an exciting network of favored craftsmen, farmers, guides, mountaineers to offer the most authentic, unique experiences for an unforgettable stay. 

Our travelers are not the ordinary visitors, they don’t want to see what everyone else has… We believe in the term “living like a local”, sharing, partaking in everyday lives of those who have made the region what it is.

One destination, a ton of possibilities, we put all of our passion into knowing the diversity of the Alps and everything it has to offer. 






Passionate Team


from Lake Tahoe, California.


Arriving in Savoie for love, three decades ago, this bubbly Californian fell under the spell of this multifaceted region.

Passionate about the area and eager to share, she created the internet site a useful collection of all the region's must-sees: favorite hikes, restaurants, events, artisans... and much more! With, of course, a bit of history and fun facts to round it all out for English-speaking expats and curious visitors. 

Later, it was the first phone call and third coffee meeting with Damien that sealed the deal of a partnership filled with adventure, laughs, and worries. They both share the same passion for the region and the desire to help travelers from the world over discover the  treasures of the Alps : is born!


Séjours hors des sentiers battus en Savoie Mont Blanc


from Chambéry, Savoie.


Born in the heart of the Alps and with a degree in international management, Damien’s passion for travel brought him to discover many countries and cultures. Through his explorations, he discovered beautiful places but the most beautiful, in his eyes, is obviously his native region. 

Back in Savoie, Damien created the first incoming agency specializing in the authentic Alps.

It is his passion for his native Savoie that drove him to design unique trips to “show-off” his region.

Damien embodies this new generation that wishes to promote the "real" Savoie of breathtaking landscapes, generous inhabitants, outstanding craftsmen, and a rich heritage.





You won't find a more complementing team than Michelle and Damien. Passionate for the region and enthusiastic to share their favorite people, places and activities with their clients. These two sportsmen and epicureans combine their skills to help you discover the best of the Alps, the off-the-beaten-track, live like a local experiences that even the locals don’t know about. They select for you confidential places and authentic craftsmen to make every trip extraordinary. 

  • Their strength: a different and innovative look at the Alps. 
  • The keys to their success: their professionalism, their extended knowledge of the region and a large network of qualified local experts.

Because the Alps are not only about skiing and hiking, Michelle and Damien offer unforgettable moments that you will love to live, share and undoubtedly want to relive in Savoie Mont Blanc.



Today, Agence 1786 continues to grow. New talent is joining the team to create more exciting trips, authentic experiences, and to be at your disposal for any inquiry you may have.